Netflix series “House of Cards” will stay in Maryland

Through an article published by The Hollywood Reporter, their sources say that an agreement has been reached between producers of the Netflix series “House of Cards” (HOC) and Maryland Governor Martin O’ Malley within several negotiations.

Because of state politician term limits, this term will be O’ Malley’s last one, he has chosen the act of saving HOC from leaving Maryland as one of his last acts as Governor.

The Hollywood Reporters sources also say that O’ Malley has been a strong supporter of efforts to keep the series shooting in Maryland.

Media Rights Capital (MRC) is the company that produces HOC and they have sought to receive $15 million in tax incentives for their third season but will now receive $11.5 million through the comprise that was made between MRC and O’ Malley.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that while $4 million will be the actual tax incentive, $7.5 million will come from grants authorized to be taken from the 2015 fiscal year budget.

“‘House of Cards’ is the gift that keeps on giving, having injected hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy while also helping to provide thousands of jobs to our Maryland community,” commented Asif Satchu, co-CEO of MRC, to The Hollywood Reporter. “We are very grateful to both Governor O’Malley for his tireless efforts to help keep jobs in Maryland and the leadership of the general assembly for their continued advocacy and support.”

Governor O’ Malley gave some comments on this entire situation on his blog.

“Spoiler alert: We’re going to keep the 3,700 jobs and more than 100 million dollars of economic activity and investment that House of Cards generates right here in Maryland,” O’Malley said on his blog. “Media Rights Capital has been a great supporter of the people and entertainment community in Maryland, and we couldn’t be happier to continue our partnership.”

The delayed production of HOC will soon resume this summer.

I, personally, am so excited for Hoc to stay here in Maryland. It gives me an excuse to go hunting to meet celebrities. I would love to meet Kevin Spacey and thank him for his work in Sam Mendes’ “American Beauty.”

It’s also a great way to promote the state of Maryland. I love when Maryland get recognized.

What are your thoughts on HOC staying in Maryland? Are you happy about it? Or not?

Who here has binge watched HOC?

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