New Towson Movie Theater to open in Summer 2014

This past weekend, I had the privilege of visiting one of Maryland’s most popular (mainstream) theater. As part of Maryland’s top hot spot, Cinemark Egyptian 24 theater is located in Hanover as part of Arundel Mills mall which is located next to the newly built Live! Casino.

But as for the Cinemark in Hanover, I usually work there as a crew employee during the summer and winter seasons when I am out of school. ButĀ for right now as I am living on campus at Towson University during the spring and fall semesters and as I am without a car, I am not working with a flowing income. But that will all change coming this Fall 2014 semester.

At and around where the Towson Commons currently stands on the corner of York Road and Pennsylvania Avenue at the Towson circle near the Towson Town Center, a new Cinemark theater will soon have its grand opening this summer 2014, predicting to be the new hot spot for all Towson University students for movie nights and employment opportunities.

“Big screen movies are coming back to downtown Towson in a big way, and we are really thrilled to welcome Cinemark to Towson,” said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz at a conference in Towson’s historic courthouse, covered by Towson Patch. “It’s really a great coup for Cinemark to come to Towson and offer that quality product to the entire region.”

The new theater is said to include 16 wall-to-wall screens and 3,200 stadium-style seats, along with a high-end X.D. Extreme Digital Auditorium.

“Cinemark Marketing Director Bryan Jeffries said the number of screens will allow the theater to screen blockbusters alongside independent films, Ultimate Fighting Championship fights, opera performances and other fare,” according to Towson Patch.

So what does this say for the competition between all the theaters within the Baltimore/Towson area? What will happen to theaters such as Regal Hunt Valley, the Senator or the raved Charles?

My opinion is that there will be no changes to the surrounding theaters. Regal Hunt Valley may see a decline in clientele just because I know that most Towson U students say they go there. But begin historically beloved theaters, I see no drop in popularity with the Senator or the Charles.

As for me, I already have the opportunity of transferring from my home theater in Hanover to the new Towson theater when I come back to school in the fall when the theater is already up and running.

The management for the new theater is already housed in Towson connecting the nuts and bolts for the upcoming theater, including looking for potential, loyal and hard-working employees.

If you would like to find out about how to get an interview with the General Manager of the new theater, please contact me through my twitter.

Here is a list of other Cinemark openings that will occur in the future.

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